Charapoo Tumbles

Animator and artist currently making social games for Rock You. Past: Disney Interactive.

For fun, I put together a step-by-step on the process behind my latest Tangled fanart. Maybe you’ll find it mildly interesting?

My splash image for @LightGreyArtGallery’s #DreamArcade show!  I’m such a sucker for all things Rococo so being able to take that passion and turn it into a little game was so wonderful.  You can find 3 sample games here (including mine!).  Stay tuned for more info on the show!

Spending so much time on freelance work that I’m dedicating whatever free time I have to fanart.

A sketch I did earlier today when I was having a real doughnut craving.  I ended up really liking it so I’ll post it here.

I loved 22 Jump Street so much.

A bit of self-indulgent fanart: my favorite girl, 2 ways.

Trying my hand at exploring various X Men characters, starting with this fine lady.  Storm is such a cool mix of punk rock and regal, of grace and unfiltered power.  Obviously inspired a lot by Kris Anka and Olivier Coipel’s take on Storm.

EDITED her crazy awful hair line in her suit outfit.  Woops!


What is it?

Splendidly Evil is a zine dedicated to the zany and colourful villains in the Powerpuff Girls. It features 40 artists each with their own spin on the many villains in the series. It is organized byNneka MyersArielle JovellanosPablo LeonAbigail Dela CruzGeraldine RodriguezMallory Carlson, and Sara Talmadge, also known as the Sinister Seven.

The zine cover art and design is by CM Ringor.

All proceeds will go towards the production of the book and donated to charity supporting classroom literacy and projects via

When can I purchase a copy?

The zine will be available for preorders beginning of October! We hope to start shipping the book shortly after~ Stay tuned for details!

Are you still accepting art submissions?

Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting submissions for the zine.

How can I follow any updates about the zine?

Just follow this blog! You can also check updates on twitter by following #PPGVillainsZine

A super cool project I’m a part of!  Make sure to follow the Splendidly Evil tumblr to get sneak-peaks of art and purchase information!