Charapoo Tumbles

Animator and artist currently making social games for Disney Interactive.

I posted this to my Twitter since it was just a little break comic at work, but I like it enough to put it up here is well.  I get overly emotional listening to music.

A wedding portrait commissioned by an old classmate of mine.  I love drawing cute couples being cute! :D

Jumping on this #dailycolorblock action!  Can you tell I’m a real jeans-and-a-shirt kinda girl?

The Mindy Project is my favorite show right now.  Not only is it super cute and funny, but the fashion is so spectacular I couldn’t help but draw some of Mindy’s outfits out.  Adorable!

Oscar dresses!  I’ve been posting these guys one by one over on my Twitter , but here they are all together.  I love drawing pretty dresses! I’ve been doing these as little warm up/wind down sketches at work, so there might be more of these coming up…

I’m home with a fever, but I’ve slept so much that I want to do something else.  Ergo, ballet sea creatures.

In the mood for something cute.  I have some more animals in mind, so (hopefully) stay tuned for more!